Funny Christmas Poems

Funny Christmas Poems Wallpapers for girls

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Funny Christmas Poems Wallpapers for girls

  •  I made myself a snowball,
    As perfect as could be,
    I thought I’d keep it as a pet,
    And let it sleep with me.

    I made it some pajamas,
    And a pillow for its head,
    Then last night it ran away,
    But first – it wet the bed!

  • Ding dong merrily on high,
    In stores the tills are ringing:
    Ding dong! Profits reach the sky
    And filled with with owners singing.
    Gloria, Bonuses in excelsis!
  • No one’s hangin’ stockings up,
    No one’s bakin’ pies;
    No one’s lookin’ up to see
    A new star in the sky.

    No one’s talkin’ brotherhood,
    No one’s givin’ gifts;
    And no one loves a Christmas tree
    On March the 25th.

  • A chubby little snowman
    had a carrot nose.
    Along came a bunny,
    and what do you suppose?

    That hungry little bunny,
    looking for some lunch,
    Grabbed that snowman’s nose,
    Nibble, nibble, crunch!

    Funny Christmas Poems

  • There once was an elf named Fred
    Whose house was of gingerbread.
    Though tasty, these walls
    dissolved in snowfalls
    And also made crumbs in Fred’s bed.
  • Old Scrooge wore a smile not a sneer
    And was filled with Holiday cheer.
    For there in the sky,
    He saw flying by
  • With a click and a clack
    And a great big pack,
    Down through the chimney,
    Pretty nimbly
    Somebody comes on Christmas eve!

    If we are real nice
    And as still as mice,
    If we never peep,
    And are sound asleep,
    He’ll fill our stockings, I do believe!

    And when we arise
    Next day our eyes
    Will grow big to see
    How perfectly
    He knew what we all wished to receive!

    Funny Christmas Poems saying pics

  • Under the tree the gifts enthrall,
    But the nicest present of them all
    Is filling our thoughts with those who care,
    Wanting our Christmas joy to share.

    To you, whom we’re often thinking of,
    We send our holiday joy and love.

  • Twas the night before Friday
    and all through the town,
    no cops were cruising,
    no narks were around.
  • It’s the day before Christmas
    And all through the house
    The puppies are squeaking
    An old rubber mouse.
  • There was an old fellow named Claus
    With a case of the mid-winter blahs.
    Taught his reindeer to fly
    So they took to the sky.
    The taps on your roof may be paws.
  • Christmas is here
    We have nothing to fear
    We have some fun, Doing x-mas shopping
    Even waiting for Santa to fill our stockings
  • You’re as big boned as
    Father Christmas Claus,
    your as stupid as a donkey,
    your as shit in bed as a camel,
    but your still the right person for me!

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